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Be a Legendary Physician. Partner with us.

Legend Health provides primary care and specialty care for patients at free-standing Legend Health clinics, at hospitals, post-acute care facilities, senior living facilities, and at patient homes. Our services are specially designed to facilitate delivery of the best comprehensive healthcare possible to our patients—wherever they are located.

We are especially interested in partnering with office-based primary care providers, housecalls providers, and hospitalists, as we complete the loop of primary care across all settings.


Being a Legend physician
means a rewarding personal
and professional life.

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Same and next day appointment

Strong compensation and benefits
based on a physician-partner

Same and next day appointment

A care community in which the
PCP-patient relationship reigns

Same and next day appointment

Primary care physicians in all
settings complemented by a team
of quality specialists and strong
support staff.

Same and next day appointment

Clinical facilities redesigned to
optimize patient and provider

Same and next day appointment

Streamlined operations and cuttingedge technology to provide
exceptional patient care while
eliminating work-waste.

Same and next day appointment

An environment that enables
growth and leadership

Legend Health Care Model


Our care model pivots on the primary care provider-patient relationship at the center. This model is structured to amplify our providers’ voices which reverberate through the entire model, ensuring continuous improvement of our entire clinical care system.


A comprehensive team of PCPs, hospital-based providers, onsite specialty providers, onsite mental health specialists, onsite exercise and fitness specialists and dietitians, onsite dental providers and radiologists collectively address patients’ medical, behavioral, and fitness needs.

Seamless Continuity of Care

Our operations are designed to ensure both high access and continuity of comprehensive healthcare for our patients. We provide a host of services, ranging from the traditional clinic to virtual visits to house-calls. Our care model provides PCPs with easy and integrated access to the services of a wide range of specialists, all under one roof and as one team.

Community Integrated

We partner with local community leaders who are invested in the health of our communities. Social workers attend to patient needs, accounting for the environment in which our patients live. We use Community Rooms in each practice as well as social media outreach to strengthen the communities in which our patients live, and in which we work.