Mission | Legend Health


Our Mission

Building strong healthy communities, one strong healthy person at a time

We believe the human need to be cared for is as primal as the need for food, clothing, and shelter. Healthy individuals are made in healthy communities; we heal individuals along with their communities.

Our Vision

To forge a tomorrow where everyone, across the globe, can pursue health and happiness.

Our patients are everyday problem-solvers, doers, thinkers, and creators. These everyday heroes also face hurdles that prevent them from achieving their full potential. We empower them to overcome their hurdles--to be the best they can be. We aspire to a future where everyone lives legendary lives.

Our Core Values

Comprehensive Care

We attend to every one of each patient’s needs, without regard to cost. We answer to our patients, not to payors and not to shareholders.

We put our patients first.
Accessible Care

Great healthcare should be available to all and as soon as it is needed--in person, at home, or via telehealth.

We are always there for you.
Team Based

Our primary care physician partners collaborate with a team of specialists and support staff to deliver the best care possible to each patient.

We serve better together.

We constantly strive to perfect how we serve our patients, through our state-of-the-art technology, our facilities, and our day-to-day processes.

We reach for a better today.
Compassionate Empathy

We work in an environment of flux. But we are mindful of our patients’ and co-workers’ stresses. We approach everyone with an attitude of listening, then doing.

We always pause to smile!
Social Responsibility

We live in a world of inequities - economic and social. We work to eliminate injustice wherever we see it, in our own backyard, or elsewhere in the world.

We work for the underdog.