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We know you want to be healthy, strong, and vibrant. We cure illness, but our job only begins there. Our physicians, nurses, scientists and trainers help you achieve your life and health goals.


We’re on a mission to build strong healthy communities, one strong healthy person at a time.

At Legend, we envision a future in which communities across the globe are strong, vibrant, and healthy, where compassionate and intelligent healthcare is delivered to all.

Comprehensive and personalized
Comprehensive and personalized.

We enhance all of your health, regardless of your insurance. We take care of you as a whole.

Highly accessible to all
Highly accessible to all

We make healthcare accessible regardless of cost, ability, time, and place. We take care of you in almost all settings, at all times, and help you overcome barriers that are in your way, financial or otherwise.

Socially and financially responsible
Socially and financially responsible

For too long, the healthcare industry has neglected the needs of the most vulnerable. We work towards providing high quality healthcare equitably for all.


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Our Centers of Excellence

Our approach to healthcare is team-based, interdisciplinary, and innovative, as we focus on providing you with thorough and holistic care. Legend Health’s medical centers are structured around highly skilled and qualified physicians and staff from multiple specialties to ensure that you receive best-in-class healthcare that is also highly coordinated.

  • Primary Care Health Centers
  • Heart & Vascular Institute
  • Wound Healing Institute
  • Bone & Joint Health Institute
  • Sharp Minds Neuroscience Center

Let’s build a strong, healthy community, one strong, healthy person at a time.

We invest deeply in our communities, as well as in the people we care for.

Healthy Community

Find out what partnering with Legend Health can do for you

For Patients
For Patients

If you’re an existing patient within a Legend Health Center or someone wanting to join the family, Click here.

For Physician Partners
For Physician Partners

We partner with office-based primary care providers, housecalls providers, and hospitalists. Click here for more information.

For Community Partners
For Community Partners

As we seek to improve our communities, we partner with local community leaders to help enrich the lives of our members. Click here to play your part.